Welcome to SLAM

SLAM is devoted to writing-based arts including theatre, film, books, poetry, even blogs. I am inaugurating SLAM with a romp through the Hollywood Fringe Festival, hand-picking plays to review.

"The Hollywood Fringe Festival is an annual, open-access, community-derived event celebrating freedom of expression and collaboration in the performing arts community."

Brief background: Last May I had no idea what the Fringe was until I enrolled in a Twitter bootcamp class with Cindy Marie Jenkins. I wanted to know more about social media because I have written my first book, a biography on Stella Adler. Being a savvy 21st century writer, it's up to me to promote and market my book. What I didn't expect is the class would be held in a theater and all the other enrollees were participating in the Fringe. It was perfect, surrounded by actors and creatives, brainstorming the ways and means by which I would get the word out on Stella! A Life in Art.

And there began my introduction to the Fringe and the impetus to not only revamp SheanaOchoa.com, but begin blogging on what I love most: writing and the art forms it engenders from books to songs. I'm biting at the chomp as I schedule the plays for review, which I'm sharing here so you can all keep me accountable. I have scheduled to review 11 plays in the next 11 days ( a couple performances still pending on a babysitter). I will add more as Fringe progresses, but here is my schedule thus far:

Thursday, June 6: The Katrina Comedy Fest 8pm, #Hashtag, 10pm. Friday, June 7: The Viola Mountain xx, 5:30, The Road to High Street, 7pm, You Rich Me Learn, 8pm. Saturaday, June 8: Take Me to the Poorhouse, 8pm. Sunday, June 9 [Title of Show], 5:30. Monday June 10: Love Me Richie, 6:30. Tuesday, June 11, Ruby Besler, 8:30. Saturday, June 15, The Other F Word, 4pm. Sunday June 16, Gracie &amp; Rose, 7pm.<

Break a leg! (Can't believe I just wrote that because I fell down some stairs and tore my ligaments or broke some bones on my right foot, depending on which doctor you talk to. So all you fellow fringers, you'll recognize the redhead hobbling around Hollywood by my gate).