I have an obsession.  As soon as I find a solution to a life quandary I'm compelled to share it to help others. This is why I help writers struggling hone and edit their work. This is why I wrote the first biography on acting maven, Stella Adler (see below).

Speaking of challenges, life seems to throw them at me time and again, like all of us. My particular one is living with Fibromyaliga -- a malapropism for a still controversial illness that has no known cause or cure, but can be as disabling as Lupus and MS. Since I've found ways of managing it in my life, my next book will focus on the politics and vissisitudes of chronic illness. I guess you could say, I'm a fan of the underdog.

That is why I wrote the biography on Stella Adler. For those of you who don't know who she is, Stella helped pioneer naturalism in modern day acting. Before Stella and her better known nemesis (and others) Lee Strasberg, actors were still putting their hand on their heart to express love. The acting profession needed a huge overhaul. Stella Adler devoted her life to honing, clarifying, and disseminating acting craft (tweet this). By writing her biography I wanted to reclaim her role in history and contemporary culture. I didn't want all the credit going to Strasberg, who even lay people know by name. Not that Strasberg wasn't a major influence on contemporary acting, but he didn't revolutionize the craft by himself.

The wonderful part about sleuthing out Stella's life is I learned she was much more than an actress and acting teacher to our greatest actors like Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro.

She was a Hollywood producer and Broadway director when women didn't have those roles. She started fighting for social justice before she could even walk, reciting Yiddish verses to help survivors of pogroms and  raising money to send clothes to the needy. After World War II, Stella Adler was a gun runner (tweet this). She illegally transported holocaust survivors through Europe on their way to Palestine, hiding armaments in her trunks for the Irgun, a terrorist organization that helped establish Israel.

You can learn more about Stella Adler by clicking the Stella! blog photo on the right above, or here. Enjoy!